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11th Sep 2021 Commercial Real Estate

Inflation : A Permanent-Transitory Conundrum

Bifurcation is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as dividing into two branches or forks. Never has a word been as apt to describe the current environment of skyrocketing property prices…

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26th Apr 2019 Construction Finance

The Challenge of Change – The Finance Flatline

The Hayne Royal Commission has impacted the big four banks on countless fronts, damaging reputational brand value and increasing prudential, regulatory and liquidity pressures. In response to these pressures, the…

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19th Oct 2017 Economy

Talking Property

Trident Real Estate was recently invited by the UNSW Real Estate Society to be part of its Investment Strategy panel. The panel speakers included Brad Nelson, Property Finance Director at BankWest,…

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Real Estate Analysis

18th Oct 2013 Commercial Real Estate

Back of the Envelope Analysis (BOE): Your Investment Master Key – Part 2

Welcome to the final instalment to our two-part blog series focusing on the famed ‘Back of the Envelope’ (BOE) analysis commonly used by seasoned real estate investors. If you missed…

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Real Estate Analysis

27th Sep 2013 Real Estate Investment

Back of the Envelope Analysis (BOE): Your Investment Master Key – Part 1

One of the most useful tools allowing seasoned real estate investors to sift through the dozens of potential transactions that arrive on their desk each day, is the famed ‘Back…

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Crowdfunding, Real Estate

27th Jun 2013 Real Estate Investment

“Crowdfunding” – The Future of Real Estate?

In the last thirty years there has been a fundamental transformation in how real estate is managed and financed. The ownership model has shifted from moms and dads to sophisticated…

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22nd Apr 2013 Commercial Real Estate

Monopoly Not A Good Analogy To Real Estate

Monopoly is a board game that allows you to step into the shoes of a property mogul. From the moment you roll the dice, you have the ability to purchase…

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CBD Fringe Apartments

25th Mar 2013 Real Estate Investment

CBD Fringe Apartments are the Best Bet

CBD fringe apartments offer the greatest potential for outperformance in 2013, especially dwellings in the $450,000 to $800,000 price bracket, where market fundamentals are driven by a large and growing…

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12th Feb 2013 Commercial Real Estate

Burst of Activity in the South Sydney Market

In the second half of 2012 the South Sydney market enjoyed over $220 million of  transaction sales activity. Owner occupiers, private developers and the public sector have all been active in…

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29th Jan 2013 Commercial Real Estate

Peeking Into the Murky Crystal Ball and the 2013 Property Market – Part 2

Welcome to the final instalment to our two-part blog series focusing on the 2013 property market. If you missed the First-Part where we examined the key events that will shape…

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21st Jan 2013 Economy

Peeking Into the Murky Crystal Ball and the 2013 Property Market – Part 1

Predicting the future is always a precarious exercise to undertake. In fact, forecasting future events, to borrow a quote, is like searching for a black cat in an unlit room,…

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17th Dec 2012 Commercial Real Estate

Green Square an Urban Renaissance?

Green Square is one of Australia’s largest developments, representing $8 billion of urban renewal initiative and comprising 278 hectares of land between Sydney’s CBD and Sydney Airport. The development has…

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06th Dec 2012 Commercial Real Estate

The Real Estate Game and Lessons Learned

A person that carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way. Today, we intend to share valuable experiences we have learned while grasping…

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17th Nov 2012 Real Estate Investment

Social Technologies Changing the Real Estate Industry

The recent disappointing share price performance of several big names in the social media industry may have taken the wind out the industry’s sails, but there is little debate that…

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02nd Nov 2012 Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investing – Daring Risk-Taking Behaviour?

As a real estate investment company with a strong spirit of entrepreneurship, popular belief would dictate that our directors undertake daring, risk-taking behaviour. Such an understanding of entrepreneurship could not be…

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10th Oct 2012 Real Estate Investment

Relationships, Reputation & Real Estate Ventures

Welcome to the launch of Trident Real Estate Capital’s blog! We are excited to begin this new initiative for both our clients and those who are interested in real estate….

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